MATEC Programs By State

Seminars and Training Programs

MATEC sites offer workshops and skills-building programs for clinicians working in HIV care and prevention. These range in length from one hour to several days. The programs focus on a broad range of topics, from Cultural Competence and HIV Care to Managing Anti-Retroviral Drug Failure. To sign up for programs, select your state from the menu on the left and browse the calendar. Contact your local MATEC Site for more information. >

Adherence Counseling: A Client Centered Approach

This half-day program focuses on the importance of adherence to prescribed antiretroviral drugs and its crucial role in successful HIV treatment. Participants will explore ways in which individual clients might be supported in their efforts to adhere to complicated regimens. The workshop is recommended as preparation for the patient simulation experience described below. For more information, please contact Brittany Barton at 312-996-0787 or [email protected].